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the walten files!

what /is/ the walten files?

the walten files is an analog horror series with a very similar plot to five nights at freddy's, created by martin walls. it tells the story of the odd and very sudden closure of a children's restaurant in 1974, through a series of archival tapes that the character mentioned in the descriptions supposedly finds.

so what is this, then?

this site is dedicated to helping people get into the walten files. unfortunately there's a lot you'll miss out on if you only watch the series, and it's really hard to know where you're supposed to go once you're done watching! think of this as kind of a step-by-step guide, if you will.

lead the way!

if you go through these pages in order, you should be able to get a pretty full Walten Files Experience :P enjoy!

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note: i'm not affiliated with anyone working on the walten files, i'm just a fan! you can find me on tumblr here @gir-posting, or you can shoot me an email if you have any questions, comments, or concerns: twfinfoinquiries@gmail.com
also, a huge shoutout to @spushii/@butchsophiewalten on tumblr for giving me the idea of making this, for hosting some of the info i link to on here (read: making an even more detailed site than i ever could LOL,) and for all around being a super cool dude. and then another shoutout to all of my twf mutuals on tumblr that make being into twf so much more fun! you guys rock!
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